Barrington’s Conserved Lands

The map below displays Barrington’s conserved lands, shown as green shaded and green hatched areas.  The green shaded areas are numbered and include lands open to the public.  There is more information about these lands (descriptions, trail maps, photos) in the links on the right.

Barrington Public Trails
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The Conservation Commission developed and the Selectmen approved the following revised policy for the recreational use of town-owned conservation lands.


May 2017

Established to protect the natural resources of Barrington's town-owned conservation lands, the following public usage policy applies:

Allowed uses include passive recreational activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and non-motorized boating.  Fishing and hunting are allowed where it is legal to do so. Mountain biking and horseback riding are allowed unless specifically prohibited and posted on particular trails.

Not allowed are unauthorized motorized vehicles of any kind except for snowmobiles on designated trails in the winter months. Trails open to snowmobiles will be determined in partnership between the Barrington Snow Goers Club and the Barrington Trails Committee.

Target shooting is prohibited.

Collection of minerals, plants, animals, or parts thereof, is not allowed except for hunting and fishing and collection for academic research (with written permission).  Taking pictures and fond memories are encouraged.

Creating or modifying trails without permission in writing from the Barrington Conservation Commission is prohibited. Please stay on the trails and be careful in sensitive and wet areas to prevent erosion and damage to the trail.

Camping and fires are not permitted without express written consent from the Barrington Conservation Commission and the Barrington Fire Chief.

The construction or use of any stand or blind or pit blind requires written permission from the Barrington Conservation Commission.  Application permits can be found at HERE (or at under “Miscellaneous Permits.” The owner’s name and contact information must be visible on the stand or blind.

As of May 2017, the following properties are town-owned conservation lands.

A. Harlan Calef Isinglass Preserve

Chestnut Forest Open Space

Cullen Woods Open Space

Dexter properties

Goodwill Conservation Area

Locke Falls (northern side)

Kids of the River Property

Samuel A. Tamposi Water Supply Reserve (SATWaSR)

Barrington Town Forest

The following properties with public access are not town-owned and may have different restrictions on public usage:

Boodey Conservation Easement

Brasen Hill Farm (formerly Warren Farm)

Jeffery Conservation Easement

Newhall Conservation Easement

River's Edge Conservation Land

Stonehouse Pond

Turbocam Conservation land

Village Place Open Space