Barrington’s Co-occurrence Map Page

This map was created for the use of the Barrington Conservation Commission, to act as an aid in prioritizing land to be actively targeted for conservation and/or protected from intensive development.  It assigns points to various features that are valued for conservation purposes (shown in the table at bottom left) and sums them up to assign a value (co-occurrence).  The darker the shade, the more conservation value the indicated region has.  "LCP" (Land Conservation Plan for New Hampshire’s Coastal Watersheds)  and "WAP" (Wildlife Action Plan) are studies done on regional and state-wide bases that have somewhat different emphases than the town's but are a useful addition to the conservation criteria.

The map is not intended to be comprehensive, as the data that go into it are limited; however, it serves as a useful guideline to aid the commission in its duties.

The map is available (click this link to view in separate window or to print) Cooccurrence2012_noParcels-1.pdf 

Address questions to the commission via the Land Use Office.