Barrington’s Conserved Land: Public Trails

Locke Falls

Click for the Waste Management Brochure about Waste Managment’s Mt. Isinglass area, which provides access to Locke Falls.
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Locke Falls, Photo by John Wallace

Protection: Town Owned Land

Description: Beautiful protected area with a view of Locke Falls. (see text to the right)

        3. LOCKE FALLS


Text Copyright 2008  James H. Schulz, Portsmouth, NH


This description is taken from a booklet describing certain trails in Barrington that was last published in 2008.  The author of the guide was approached in October, 2010 for permission to put its contents on the Web site for the Town of Barrington.  Readers and users of the guide should keep in mind that the nature and condition of the trails discussed will in some cases be different from the description in the booklet. The information in the guide was correct at the time of initial publication.  However, the author and the Town of Barrington take no responsibility for trail-walking problems arising from changes since its initial publication.


Possibly the most spectacular and beautiful natural site in all of Barrington is the falls on the Isinglass River, east of Route 125.  This falls in the early days of Barrington was the site of mills, with a bridge crossing the river just above the falls.  The mills and bridge are gone at the falls site, but you can still see the bridge abutments and some of the mill stonework.  Be sure to read the sign at the parking lot which gives a lot of historical information. Beside the falls is a wonderful place for a picnic (no tables, however).  But please remember to carry all your trash out.


Directions to Locke Falls:  The falls is on the border between Barrington and the Town of Rochester.  One can only enter to see the falls from the Rochester side on land owned by Waste Management that is open to the public. The Town of Barrington does own a tiny piece of land on the north side of the falls and has deeded public access to it. Except for a narrow strip of conservation land along the river, the land on the south side of the falls is now developed with private houses that allow no public access to the falls.


            To get to the falls, go north on Route 125 from its intersection with Route 9 in center Barrington  about 2 miles to the traffic light where 125 intersects with Rochester Neck Road. (There is a veterinary clinic on the right corner.)  Turn right at this light and go about 1/4 of a mile (with the Waste Management/Turnkey operation on your left) till you see a parking lot on the right.  Park there.


Trail Description and Directions: After parking, look for the sign next to the parking lot that shows the trails and recreational opportunities on this site and also gives some history of the area.  Find Locke Falls on the map and the trail going to it.  It is a short, easy walk down to the falls. As we said, Barrington owns some land around the falls, but the rest of the land you will walk on is in Rochester and owned by Waste Management.


            There are other places to walk. Waste Management maintains a network of trails in this area. For example, instead of returning to the parking lot from the falls, you can continue on east along the river. The map sign in the parking lot shows you the options.


Motorized wheeled vehicles are not permitted on the Locke Falls.